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[POLL] Motorcycle squad: vehicle or infantry?

Friends, we have been carefully monitoring all of your feedback for the Tunisia Campaign. Among the many discussions therefrom, we have noticed a high level of interest in the new squad type - motorcycle machine gun squads

Some players who have battled this squad doubt it should be used in the limited vehicle slot, and since we really want motorcycles to be interesting, we would like to explore this discussion further with the rest of the Enlisted community. 

Please vote and help us to determine which type of squad the motorcycle squads (and perhaps other new unusual equipment squads in the future) should be: an infantry squad, vehicle squad, or special squad with the option to be put in both slot types.

The poll will be open until 07:00 GMT on 12 September, and we will consider the results in future updates of the game.

Test yourself

Test the new campaign “Battle of Tunisia” and the new squad type, and give us your feedback. Many owners of the new premium bundle are already fighting in the sands!

Bundle includes:
  • Squad with WD Big 4 motorcycle
  • Squad with KS 750 motorcycle
  • Access to the Tunisia CBT
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