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Invasion at Beloe Lake

Every day Enlisted gives our team more and more experience, which we apply not only to new missions, but also to improvements of already familiar places. One of the oldest maps in the game, Beloe Lake, will be among these places in the upcoming update.


Meet your new targets in a flooded forest, near a fishing village, and on a strategic height with a sturdy church.

The entire mission is literally permeated with a partisan spirit. Trenches, advantageous defensive positions, among which there are completely new objects, will turn every meter passed into your personal achievement.

New Positions

Be above the enemy - universal military advice, still relevant today. The higher you are, the harder it is for the enemy to take cover.

Among Beloe Lake's improvements are new tree positions, perfect for snipers and machine gunners. Be above the enemy!

We continue adding different modes to the already familiar Enlisted missions.

In one of our next location and mission devblogs, we'll be covering new features for all of the game's campaigns!

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