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New Artillery features

Soldiers! We continue to reveal some of the new features of the upcoming major update. Today we discuss new tactical features for artillery guns.

Mobile anti tank guns

Engineers will soon have the option to construct a new type of artillery, capable of being moved around by the sheer force of a squad. Simply approach a cannon and switch it to mobility mode which will cause its stands to fold - it’ll take some time - and you’ll then be able to move the cannon around freely. A number of your squad’s soldiers will be able to partake in this procedure, and the more that are available to assist, the easier and faster it will be to move the cannon. 

You can rotate the gun to change its targeting direction, as well as wheel it around to completely change its position on the battlefield. 

Smoke veil by artillery strike

Radio operators will soon be able to produce a heavy cover of smoke by calling in a special strike, in a similar way to calling in an artillery strike. After unlocking the appropriate option, players can select between regular and smoke strikes. 

If smoke is selected, the operator will have to designate two points on the map, the start and end points of the smoke line. Since the amount of shells for a smoke strike is limited, the longer the line, the less dense the veil will be. 

Each shell creates a smoke cloud twice as big as a handheld smoke grenade: about 12 metres in diameter, lasting about 60 seconds. 

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