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New transport vehicles

We are currently preparing for Enlisted’s next major update and this devblog will be the first in a series of several publications about the new and upcoming content that is soon to be released. Today, we show you a new means of transportation, useful to all players fond of using various battle tactics.


Not only are these new, speedy vehicles coming to Enlisted, but additionally, special motorcycle squads with improved motorcycle models and the ability to change their roles by adding specialists as desired!

Deliver explosives to enemy tanks, build rally points in unexpected places, or develop your own tactics by using motorcycles as a fast, personal method of transportation. 

There are also squad motorcycles which not only act as a mode of transport for 2-3 people, but also a mobile machine gun nest. You will be able to simultaneously drive and shoot.

In some missions, all combatants will be able to find and use regular, unarmed motorcycles located near their spawn points. Take advantage and become mobile! 


Boats - another way to quickly deliver you and your squad to places the enemy will not expect. They will hold up to 9 people, so be sure to bring the full squad along. 

Boats and motorcycles will be available in the next major update. We will continue to reveal further upcoming content in the near future. Stay tuned! 

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