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Battle for Berlin Reinforcements: Level 22-23

We're continuing to add new squads, weapons and vehicles to our latest campaign! This is the second devblog in a series in which we will introduce you to the new content of the “Battle for Berlin” campaign. It will become available in an upcoming major update.

22nd level

A new type of armored vehicle is arriving to Enlisted - Self-propelled artillery guns (SPG). The lack of a turret on these vehicles is usually compensated for by their strong frontal armor and excellent cannons. A squad of your tankers will have no problem controlling an SPG.


This SPG has been built on the chassis of the T-34 but is noticeably superior to it in terms of frontal protection. The front plate holds an effective thickness of around 130 mm while in the gun mantlet area it ranges between 75 and 200 mm. The characteristics of the mounted 85mm D-5S cannon are similar to those of the T-34-85, so the SU-85M can not only withstand incoming shells, but can also effectively strike back.

The price for such effectiveness is vulnerability to attacks from the flanks. Be aware of your sides or even better  - enlist the support of your infantry.

Germany | Panzer IV/70 (A)

The 75mm PaK42 cannon is known for its excellent service on various Panther variants but you will find it in this SPG as well! Excellent accuracy and armor-piercing characteristics in a much more compact hull. The sloped parts of the armor are almost as effective as that on the Soviet SU-8M, although there is a vulnerable area in the frontal section with a vertical flat plate of armor.

An advantage of the cannon being placed so high up on this vehicle is that it can hide this vulnerable plate behind hard cover - if you can find some of course!

23rd level

Even deadlier machine guns will soon be arriving and experienced machine gunners along with them, whose specialisation perk allows you to aim the weapon faster!

USSR | (169 SD) 556th Infantry Regiment

Gunner II”. This squad can have 3 machine gunners and 7 fighters of other classes.


From a Soviet tank straight into the hands of your soldier! Compared to the “infantry version” of the DP-27 you will get a higher capacity 63 round drum and noticeably less vertical recoil, making it easier to fire from any position. The power of this machine gun was observed more than once on the T-34 where it was paired with the cannon.

Germany | (5th LID) 56th Infantry Regiment

Gunner II”. This squad can have 3 machine gunners and 7 fighters of other classes.

MG 34 with patronentrommel 34 magazine

Behind such a complicated name hides another miracle of engineering - The MG 34 machine gun, already familiar to you from the campaign but with a double magazine for 75 rounds! On the pro side of that combination is the fact that the reloading speed of this monster hasn’t suffered at all. 

Whether this is a weighty enough reason to abandon the slightly higher fire rate of the MG 42 is up to you, but the MG 34 with such a magazine looks truly intimidating.

Premium squads for Gold

In this upcoming major update we will also introduce new premium squads available for Gold. Soldiers in these squads are of rank IV and come with a 100% experience bonus and campaign progress bonus.

Soldiers and squads Perks:

  • +30% endurance to the effect of negative overloads, +15% endurace to the effect of maximum positive overloads
  • +30% angle of focused and peripheral vision
  • +75% faster medpack usage speed
  • +20% flight stamina regeneration speed

USSR | (12th Guards Fighter Aviation Division) 156th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment

Attacker pilots”. There can be only 1 rank IV attacker pilot in this squad.


One of the Kingcobra fighters supplied to the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease program. It performed well at low to medium altitudes and was well protected and armed. An armored backplate, frontal armor plate, and armored glass protect the pilot from some attacks. Even the rear placed engine can soak up some machine gun fire.

The P-63A-10 is armed with four 12.7-mm M2 Browning machine guns, and a nose mounted 37-mm M10 cannon.

Germany | (Jagdgeschwader 4) III./JG 4


Attacker pilots”. There can be only 1 rank IV attacker pilot in this squad.

Bf 109 G-14 armed with MK 108 cannons

A fast and maneuverable fighter with powerful forward armament! The Bf 109 G-14 is armed with a 20 mm MG 151 cannon, two 13 mm MG 131 machine guns and two 30 mm MK 108 cannons. In addition, it is armed with armor-piercing rounds, allowing you to effectively attack ground vehicles. Sure, the weight of the fighter has increased, but who cares if a single hit on the enemy is enough to bring them down?

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