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Lone Fighters: now true hardcore!


Enlisted’s audience has now grown fairly large, and as such includes players with different game experience and preferences. We are carefully monitoring player feedback and wishes, and strive to implement what we can in the game. But sometimes those wishes are too varied to combine them all in one single game mode. 

Some players prefer large maps, some more dynamic and dense battles, others would like the game to be even more realistic, and some are fine with the existing gameplay conventions we have already.

In order to provide our players with different game experiences and accommodate some of the wishes we receive (without adding new game modes splitting the lobbies further), we decided to split the ways that our two existing modes develop and deeply rework the Lone Fighters mode in the upcoming update.

Friendly Fire

The most important change is that for Lone fighters mode, friendly fire will be added. As in real combat one would have to monitor their line of fire, and be very careful with where they throw their grenades and explosive packs. Not to shoot in panic at anything that moves without ensuring it is an enemy. The one who masters this line of thinking - will win.

Naturally, killing your friends will not only hurt the team as a whole, but will also be a justification for punishment. For any damage caused to allies - players will receive a deduction in their earned experience, and those who keep killing ally soldiers will be kicked from the battle. Players who consistently deal friendly fire over multiple battles will receive a temporary ban from the Lone Fighters game mode.

Light Interface

To increase the immersion of battle even further, the Lone Fighters mode will get a new interface. Now it will be mostly invisible on the screen. Basically, the only element visible at all times will be the compass. If you look directly at an ally soldier - an ally marker will appear. The minimap, kill log, hit markers, advanced aircraft markers and tank armor penetration indicators - won’t be visible in this game mode.

Want to find out where you are and plan your path to the objective - hide and open the map physically. Want to be sure if the enemy you shot was killed - watch his body for movement. Just as it should be in real life.

Only Massive Battles

To ensure our players have good tactical space and options in the new Lone Fighters mode, it will feature only the most massive battle missions we have. Meaning, all missions of Assault and Invasion modes, and in Conquest mode players will only get the largest maps, like "Château du Bosq" and "The Reich Chancellery".

Earning Experience Changes

All the aforementioned changes will also result in rebalance in the experience earned from playing the game mode. We will ensure that the experience players can earn in the Lone Fighters mode will be increased and will match what is earned in the Squads mode.

As always, we will be grateful for any feedback and suggestions on the reworked Lone fighters mode and will keep informing you of all the planned changes.

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