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Logistics orders for battle experience!

At the very beginning of the Enlisted Closed Beta test, bronze logistics orders were not given for battle tasks, but rather for experience gained in battles. 

Many players considered that system to be better - as obtaining orders was directly linked to campaign progress and your general performance in matches. Also, that system didn’t force you to change your playstyle just to complete a task, like switching campaigns, game modes or squads. 

Having analyzed your feedback, we’ve decided to bring back the old system and let you earn bronze orders for experience! 

Obtaining Bronze orders

The system will now be much more straightforward. For every couple of thousand experience points earned, you will get one Bronze Logistics order. Orders for weaponry and orders for troops will be awarded in turns one after another. The battle results debriefing screen will show you the experience you’ve earned and the orders obtained. 

Battle Tasks will no longer earn you Bronze orders, but they will keep progressing the Battle pass, allowing you to unlock different rewards. 

Every day you will be able to finish 9 Battle tasks with the Elite Battle Pass or 3 Battle tasks without. 

The aforementioned changes will be implemented in one of the upcoming updates. In the meantime, we will keep working on adding more interesting Battle Tasks for you to complete!

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