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Closed Beta Testing: “Battle of Berlin” Campaign in Enlisted

On April 23rd, testing of the new Enlisted campaign “Battle of Berlin” starts! 

We welcome you to participate in one of the most epic battles of World War II - a fight between the USSR and German forces taking place in the German capital in 1945. 

You will experience dence city fights in real historical war locations: Assault on the Reich Chancellery, Crossing of the Moltke Bridge, and suppressing resistance at the Kroll-Opera. 

Access to new weapons and vehicles of the late WWII period will be granted to your squads: Vehicles like the T-34-85, Panther, IL-2-37 and the Me 410, small arms like the PPS-43 and MP 3008, heavier weapons like the DT-29 and Panzerfaust 100, and Mosin and Gewehr rifles complete with a new game mechanic - the bayonet knife.

I want in!

We have prepared a special early-access pack that will open the Berlin campaign for you! The included premium squads will be yours to keep forever, and won't be removed after the testing period ends.

Enlisted - "Battle of Berlin" Bundle
Enlisted — Комплект «Битва за Берлин»
The Bundle Includes:
  • A premium squad of the 336th Rifle Regiment in the 120th Guards Rifle Division of the Red Army for the Soviet Armed Forces in the Berlin campaign;
  • PPD-40 DSZ submachine gun (available for this squad only);
  • A premium squad of the 652nd Grenadier Regiment in the Infantry Division "Berlin" for the Wehrmacht forces in the Berlin campaign;
  • MP 40/1 submachine gun (available for this squad only);
  • 600 Gold.

Backers who participated in the crowdfunding of the project in 2016 will receive access to the testing of the Battle of Berlin campaign.

Testing Process

The goal of the test is to tune and balance missions, weapons and vehicles before we release the campaign to all players. Any player can participate in the test by purchasing the early access pack, and provide us with feedback and suggestions to help make the campaign the best it can be upon release.

First Stage

Progression in the campaign is switched off and all participants will get a fixed set of squads, including a premium one. This stage is for mission testing only.

Second Stage

During the second stage, the progression system will be unlocked and all participants will restart the campaign from level 1. This stage aims to test the balance of progression and will not be wiped when the campaign is released to all players. 

Also, you will keep receiving Battle Tasks and Battle Pass rewards - they as well will not be wiped at the later stages. 

After the closed beta test is over, “Battle of Berlin” will be free for all Enlisted players to participate!


—  When will the CBT be over?

As soon as we finish the campaign configuration, and its quality meets our requirements.

—  Will there be a campaign wipe after the CBT?

No. But testers will be able to start their progress in the “Battle of Berlin” Campaign only from the second stage when the campaign levels start to unlock. Additionally, Battle Pass progress and rewards received during the entire testing period will be retained for both stages.

— Soldiers of the 336th Rifle Regiment wear steel armour. Do they actually protect against bullets?

They somewhat reduce damage from bullets hitting the body. Roughly in the same way that helmets - which every soldier has - protect the head in some way.

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