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Every campaign in Enlisted is not only about a new battlefield, it also varies in content. Particular details in the environment, as well as weapons, ground vehicles, aircraft and even the uniforms of the soldiers will correspond to the historical reality of the famous battle that it is dedicated to.

Every campaign
is a new experience!

Battle for Moscow


A turning-point battle in the approaches to the Soviet capital

At this stage of the war, Moscow is visible to German commanders through binoculars. The decisive offensive passes through snow covered villages and towns, uncovering multiple defensive positions. Soviet troops have nowhere to retreat to - battles will continue until the last soldier standing.

Invasion of Normandy


The largest landing operation in World War II

The Allies land on the beaches of Normandy and under heavy fire storm the powerful German defenses to open up a foothold for the Allies for a full scale landing.

Battle of Tunisia


A key confrontation in North Africa

Tunisia opens up additional routes for an offensive into Europe, therefore it is strategically vital for Germany. In African cities and the red-hot desert sands, the Allies oppose one of the largest armies of the Third Reich.

Battle of Berlin


The final battle of the war in Europe in Berlin's government quarter

The German government quarter is not only home of the Reichstag but also to many other important places like Hitler’s bunker. Control over them is an essential goal of the Soviet army that has entered the city. But the more experienced soldiers stand in the last line of defence.