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Stalingrad (+3)

Yesterday we told you about our plans to keep some weapons and vehicles in Stalingrad exclusive to their owners in the renewed Enlisted. While discussing this news, you had questions about the additional squad slots that are included in the Full Access Pack. Here's our updated answer.

You will keep the slots

You will keep the extra slots and they will be transferred to the new system. This means, three squad slots for both the USSR and Germany for all Stalingrad Full Access pack owners.

We will explain this in more detail, rules and compensation in the third devblog about the new meta.


Q. What about the other campaigns? What happens to the squad slots I purchased in them?

A. From the start, we planned to transfer them all. If you bought multiple slots for different campaigns, it is possible that you could have more slots than one country could use in the new system. In these cases, we will return the Gold for those slots to your account.

Q. What happens to weapons, vehicles and squads that weren't part of the Stalingrad full access?

A. They will carry over if you manage to unlock and purchase them. Many of Stalingrad's weapons and vehicles are also available in Moscow, and it doesn't matter which campaign you unlock them in. 

This rule is true for all campaigns. If the same weapon is available in one of them and has been unlocked, it will also be unlocked in the appropriate country in the new Enlisted.

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