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Meet the "Burning Sky" update!


A new game mode, flasks, binoculars and impact grenades, as well as vehicles with multiple rocket launchers are arriving to the battlefield, players are able to create their own missions, and battles can now take place in a thunderstorm or at sunset.

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Update (Server Update 15.08.22 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Fixed the incorrect handling animation of some grenade launchers while standing.

Update (Server Update 12.08.22 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

The visual effect of recoil and more.

US National Airborne Day

Improved Movement Mechanics

Update (Server Update 11.08.22 - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Fixed the previews disappearing when the cursor points at certain Premium squads in Logistics. Visual effect of recoil when shooting from the following weapons while aiming down sights has been reduced.

Update ( - Xbox, PlayStation®)

Animations and interface fixes.

Update ( - Xbox, - PlayStation®)

Making Enlisted a Better Place №22

Mods Digest: Rocket Jump


Fixed a bug that caused a change of campaign after Tutorial in the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.

Making Enlisted a Better Place №21


Fixed errors in the mission and interface.

Mods Digest: Fully Armed Once Again!


Fixed missing kill count from PzB-38 and PzB-39 for event, daily, and other tasks. Fixed an error that caused the AT Gunner class to lose the ability to use semi-automatic rifles. Added an authentic tank sight TOD-6. It’s used on BT-7A (reward in the “Silent Hunter” operation), T-34 L11, KV-1, and other vehicles that will be added to Enlisted in the future.

Operation “Silent Hunter”