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Coming soon: LVT-4 Water buffalo

With the release of the upcoming major update, the Gaijin.Net store will expand its range with a very distinctive US APC, the LVT-4 amphibious vehicle!

On land and sea

The LVT-4, with its all-round bulletproof armor, is packed with machine guns! The large-caliber M2 Brownings are mounted in the two shielded front turrets, while the less powerful M1919A4s are on the sides and in the enclosed bow. A total of 5 firing points!

You can deliver this firepower to any comfortable position either on land or on water - since the LVT-4 can swim, which will come in handy in the Pacific. And on land, its maximum speed is 40 km/h.

The crew consists of six specialist soldiers of different classes with their appropriate weapons. And like all APCs, the LVT-4 also functions as a mobile rally point.

The LVT-4 squad will be available for purchase individually.

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