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Pre-order: Armored Personnel Carriers!

This year will not end with the new Enlisted, we still have a lot of interesting things planned for the near future. Armored personnel carriers are coming from a secret warehouse with a new soldier class, APC Driver! And this is just one of the new features that the upcoming update will surprise you with.

Unique mechanics

A mobile rally point for your team! These vehicles will not only provide a convenient transportation for your squad, but will also allow your allies to join the heat of battle right away. 

The mechanics are similar to the engineer's rally point, but APCs are more durable and faster — pick up your teammates, drive behind enemy lines even while under fire and launch a surprise attack. Or just leave a vehicle where a normal rally point would be easily destroyed.

This squad will use its own unique transport slot, and you can arm and change the vehicle's crew as a regular infantry squad. It consists of 6 soldiers of different classes, where only one is a driver, the rest are various specialists who you can arm at will. The rally point will be active as long as the vehicle is in one piece.

M3 Half-track — USSR

95th Tank Brigade

Motorized Infantry battalion

The M3 was supplied to the USSR under lend-lease and was well received by its crews for its excellent capacity and good off-road capability thanks to its tracks. It’s equipped with a 12.7 mm M2 Browning machine gun. Bulletproof panels will protect the crew from shrapnel and indirect fire of handguns. Its maximum speed is 72 km/h and it has a machine gun with 2200 rounds of ammunition. Total capacity of 15 soldiers — room for several commanders with their squads.

Sd.Kfz.251/1 — Germany

21st Panzer Division

125th Panzergrenadier Regiment

One of Germany's most recognizable vehicles — almost a dozen variants for a wide variety of tasks. In front of you is the most common of them. It features an MG 34, which has a smaller caliber than its "red" opponent’s, but the gunner is protected by a gun shield, and in general this vehicle has fewer vulnerable areas. Its maximum speed is 52 km/h and the machine gun has 3000 rounds of ammunition. Total capacity is 15 soldiers to accommodate several squads.

Pre-order bundle: “APC” squads

Be the first to drive an APC! We have put the new vehicles in a premium bundle for the USSR and Germany. These include both the APCs and the infantry squads inside them.

Purchase the pre-order bundles before the update’s release to receive an exclusive pre-order bonuses:

Pre-order bonus: APC Gunner portrait

Pre-order bonus: nickname decorator “Wheel”

If you're playing Enlisted on console, you can get these bonuses by purchasing one of the squads within 14 days of the update’s release.

Open in store

Look forward to hearing the roar of the engines of the new vehicles in Enlisted!

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