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Back on Sale: Flamethrower Tanks!

In the middle of July 1942, the Battle of Stalingrad, one of the largest and most important battles of World War II, began. To commemorate this historic event, from July 20th, the legendary flamethrower tanks from the Battle of Stalingrad campaign will return to the store and for the first time they can be purchased separately!

Pz.II (F) Flamethrower Tank

Pz.II (F) is a relatively small and nimble tank that can reach the max speed of 44 km/h. A great vehicle for daring stratagems. It has two hull-mounted flamethrowers, expanding its reach. Their flames can hit targets up to 40 meters away — and for distant, unarmoured targets there is an MG 34 machine gun in the turret.


HT-130 Flamethrower Tank

Based on the T-26 light tank. It’s slightly slower, up to 30 km/h, but the flamethrower is set right in the turret that can turn around freely. And the 7.62 mm machine gun is ready to deal with infantry from afar.


Previously, these vehicles were exclusive to the owners of the Battle of Stalingrad - Full Access pack: if you envied them, now’s the perfect time to remedy that!

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