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Normandy landings Day

Early on the morning of 6th June in 1944, the largest seaborne invasion in world history began - about 156,000 British, American and Canadian troops landed on the coast of Normandy in northwestern France.

The start date of the landing became known as "D-Day": it was the first phase of Operation Overlord, which opened a second front in Western Europe.


From 6th June (13:00 UTC) to 12th June (13:00 UTC):

  • 50% off premium squads for Gold in the Invasion of Normandy campaign for all platforms;
  • On the PC store, 50% off premium squads in the Invasion of Normandy campaign.

You can find all the discounted packs here.

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Note that, these squads will leave the store with the next major update, in which the meta will be changed:

  • The 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment with the M50 Reising
  • The 28th Infantry Regiment with the UD M42
  • The No. 56 Squadron with the Tempest Mk V
  • The 9th Infantry Regiment with the Johnson M1941
  • The 115th Infantry Regiment with the M3 Field Modification
  • The II./JG3 with the Bf 109 G-6 
  • The III./JG26 with the Bf 109 G-10
  • The 9th Panzer Regiment with a Pz.IV J with extra track armor
  • The 5th Pioneer Battalion with the Gewehr 41

If you planned to get yourself these squads — use the opportunity to get them at a great discount!

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