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On April 25th, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) Day is celebrated in Australia, New Zealand and a number of other countries. Back in WWI, in 1915, when the corps landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula, it distinguished itself in battle with the Ottoman Empire. The corps failed to advance, and as a result, it was evacuated. But this was the first major operation in which Australia took part: thus the newly created nation underwent a baptism of fire.

On this day the people of Australia and New Zealand remember their fellow citizens who died in wars and military conflicts. 


From April 25th to April 28th (13:00 UTC) you will receive 30% discounts on premium squads with Aussie soldiers.

478-й пехотный полк в кампании «Битва за Москву» с MG 30 — австро-немецким пулемётом с «линейным» расположением приклада и магазином на 25 патронов. Примечателен удобными прицельными приспособлениями и комфортной скорострельностью: 660 выстрелов в минуту. Сам отряд носит уникальную форму голубого цвета. Имеется слот для инженера.

The 2/24th Battalion in the Battle of Tunisia campaign with the Owen Mk. 1, the Australian Army's primary submachine gun in WWII. In a test contest held in 1942, Owen's design, despite its unsightly appearance, won and entered service, beating out the STEN and Thompson submachine guns.


343-й пехотный полк в кампании «Битва за Москву» с MG 13 с барабанным магазином — немецким пулемётом с боковым расположением магазина со скорострельностью 660 выстрелов в минуту и удобными прицельными приспособлениями. Оружие укомплектовано вместительным 75-патронным «барабаном» — можно не беспокоиться, что у вас быстро кончатся патроны!   [Купить]

The 5th Squadron in the Pacific war campaign with the Boomerang Mk.II, an Australian single-seat fighter that was created in 1942 when the threat of the Japanese invasion of Australia was more than real. It was armed with two 20-mm guns, four 7.7-mm machine guns, and two 250-pound bombs.

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