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The Founding day of Rheinmetall AG

134 years ago, on April the 13th, 1889, Heinrich Ehrhardt founded the famous German industrial concern, which managed to survive two world wars and remain safely up to the present day — Rheinmetall.

In the 1930s, the group of companies, at that time called Rheinmetall-Borsig, began to rapidly increase production of firearms, anti-tank and artillery weapons, and as a result became one of the main suppliers of heavy weapons to the German army during WWII. 

From April 13th (13:00 UTC) to April 17th (13:00 UTC), a premium Axis squad armed with the MG 30 is available in the Battle of Moscow campaign for Gold. Also, a 30% discount on the Axis squad armed with an MG 13 with drum magazine is available in the PC player's store.

478-й пехотный полк в кампании «Битва за Москву» с MG 30 — австро-немецким пулемётом с «линейным» расположением приклада и магазином на 25 патронов. Примечателен удобными прицельными приспособлениями и комфортной скорострельностью: 660 выстрелов в минуту. Сам отряд носит уникальную форму голубого цвета. Имеется слот для инженера.

The 478th Infantry Regiment in the Battle of Moscow campaign with the MG 30, an Austro-German machine gun with a "linear" stock and a 25-round magazine. It is notable for its comfortable sights and comfortable rate of fire: 660 rounds per minute. The squad itself wears a unique blue uniform.

There is a slot for an engineer.

Available for Gold in the game.

343-й пехотный полк в кампании «Битва за Москву» с MG 13 с барабанным магазином — немецким пулемётом с боковым расположением магазина со скорострельностью 660 выстрелов в минуту и удобными прицельными приспособлениями. Оружие укомплектовано вместительным 75-патронным «барабаном» — можно не беспокоиться, что у вас быстро кончатся патроны!   [Купить]

The 343rd Infantry Regiment in the Battle of Moscow campaign with the MG 13 with drum magazine, a German machine gun with a side-mounted magazine with a rate of fire of 660 rounds per minute and comfortable sights. The gun comes with a roomy 75-round "drum" — no need to worry about running out of ammunition quickly!


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