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Tullio Marengoni Birthday

On April 7th, 1881, the talented engineer and leading Beretta designer Tullio Marengoni was born. 

Despite the fact that he never studied engineering, his inventions were widely appreciated by the Italian army. 

A significant part of Tullio Marengoni's inventions is already represented in our game — from 1917 to the 1940s, all weapons bearing the Beretta branding were drawn on a design board in his department. 


From April 7th to April 10th (13:00 UTC), you will get a 30% discount on Axis premium squads with Beretta guns for Gold.


The 195st Infantry Regiment in the Battle for Moscow campaign with the Beretta M1918, the first creation of Tullio Marengoni in service. It was also one of the first submachine guns in history!


The 35th Pistoia Infantry Regiment in the Battle of Tunisia campaign with the Beretta M31, one of few semi-automatic rifles designed by Tullio Marengoni that might be used by the Italian Army, but lost the competition to the Armaguerra rifle for its performance.

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