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Fixed bug, related to the GAZ MM, and many more.


Fixed bugs with the tailgunners of all Ju 87 variants, the GAZ-MM and the Flakpanzer I and the player had Full access to the Battle of Stalingrad campaign.

Screenshot Contest: Out of the Archives

Your missions in events


Reduced reload time of the engineer's anti-aircraft guns and other fixes.

Mods Digest: Walking in far lands

Today we have majestic walking tanks, a whole village surrounded by hills and forests near a lake, also an increased amount of snow and custom hangars!

Reinforcements received: Victory day

Victory in Europe Day discounts!

Stalingrad (+3)

News for Battle of Stalingrad participants


Fixed commander's appearance for M10 GMC in the "out of the hatch" position. Fixed the "Respawns" button being non-functional in the "Toolbox" section of the mod editor. Fixed a bug that caused the AI soldiers of the engineer class in the player's squad to equip an engineering hammer when switching to them in combat.

Final sale in the store

Combat Notes: Rally points

In this new episode of our video series, we'll tell you about one of the most valuable builds available to any Engineer class soldier.


From April 25th to April 28th (13:00 UTC) you will receive 30% discounts on premium squads with Aussie soldiers.

Berlin Operation