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Incoming update sale!


These fixes are available for PC and Xbox. For PlayStation® they will be available in one of the upcoming updates.


Fixed a bug that caused some mines to not deal damage. Fixed a bug that caused the player selected for following to change after rewinding in Replays. Fixed the size of craters from anti-tank mines and explosive pack explosions. Fixed the distortion of reward icons on the Battle Pass screen when using windowed mode. Fixed the poses of the 7th Parachute Battalion's paratroopers with Vickers Mk.I No2. Fixed the distorted preview of engineer structures while touching grass/bushes. The shop window will now display "We currently have no offers for you" when there are no special offers available.

Beginning of Stug III production

Operation: "Battleaxe"


The preview screen of owned items now shows weapons in profile, not at an angle. Increased Vickers Mk.I No2 machine gun's ammo capacity to 200 rounds. Fixed research tree display for some radio operator and engineer squads in the Upgrades menu. Fixed a rare bug with "black" sights on PS4/5. Fixed client crashes in PS4/5 battles that occurred with the 4.5.x update release. Corrected the hand color of the 7th Parachute Battalion paratroopers when changing jackets.


Mods digest: steel and water

Normandy landings Day

Reinforcements received: Normandy paratroopers

New interface

Armed Forces Day

Making Enlisted a Better Place №35

Dynamic hangars!

New Meta: answers