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An error that caused HE rounds of the 20 mm Hispano Mk II and Mk V to create fewer secondary fragments and deal less damage to aircraft has been fixed. An error on the PlayStation® 4 Pro that caused overheating and hyperventilation during the launch of the client has been fixed.

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Making Enlisted a Better Place №40

Start of the Battle of Stalingrad

Extending Current Season and Clearing Excess Items from the Battle Pass Shop

Making Enlisted a MUCH Better Place №39


A button has been added to the debriefing window that appears when the level of a soldier is increased in battle and allows you to instantly move to the Squads menu. An error that caused the “New offer” mark not to appear in the specialist selection window when enlisting soldiers from the Squads menu has been fixed. A “New weapon” mark is now removed upon opening and closing the weapon selection window of the relevant weapon type. A button to switch to the Squads menu has been added to the “Your order is fulfilled” window. An inversion of zoom when inspecting weapons and vehicles has been fixed. Gamepad control scheme in the items and weapons purchase window has been changed.

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Making Enlisted a Better Place №38

U.S. Independence Day

Levels in the renewed Enlisted

Making Enlisted a Better Place №37

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