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Reinforcements received: Fire attack


Fixed the stretching of the soldier’s model if he was on the ladder at the moment of switching to another squad member. Fixed the incorrect behavior of buttons in the "Change log" window. Fixed freezes and FPS drops that became more frequent after the update. Fixed frequent freezes in battles on PlayStation® 4 and PlayStation® 4 Pro. Fixed a bug on consoles due to which the portrait and the nickname decorator were missing after purchasing Enfield P14 and Type 99 (long) squads in the Pacific war campaign. Fixed the display of custom markers in custom games.


Fixed a bug that prevented the commander from using binoculars and personal weapons on the IS-2 1944, Tiger II (H) and Tiger II (P). Improved the effects of firing launchers and the smoke trail of the bazooka’s rocket. Fixed the clipping of weapon icons when obtaining them. Fixed the missing facial animations of soldiers in the main menu. Fixed a bug causing flamethrower firing sound endlessly looping. Fixed a bug that could cause the toolbar switches in the mod editor to not work.

Jungle Fire update

Graphical improvements

New levels

Weapon sounds upgrade

New mechanics for repairing armored vehicles

Making Enlisted a Better Place №45

Fixed a bug that made it impossible to pick up a weapon lying next to an engineering structure. Fixed a bug in the "Battle for Stalingrad" campaign where a player was prompted to collect the reward for the next level that he had not yet reached. Fixed a bug with the gunner’s sight of the BM-8-24. Fixed a bug with the magnification of certain crew positions of the Pz.II F. Fixed a bug that occurred when loading server replays. Fixed a bug in one of the missions on the Beloe Lake map in the Battle of Moscow campaign where the AI soldiers of the attackers could get stuck at the respawn inside the house.

Flaming rain


Fixed a bug that caused the scope magnification of the engineer-built anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns to work incorrectly.

Making Enlisted a Better Place №44

Combat notes: Bombing

Pre-order: “Jungle Hunters” sniper squads

Capturing New Georgia!