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Battle Pass: 2nd Season 2023

On April 19th, look forward to the launch of the new Enlisted Battle Pass season! Here's a list of the rewards and improvements to expect in it for you! 

Main rewards of the season

Lahti-Saloranta m/26 (Axis, Moscow/Stalingrad/Berlin)
Lahti-Saloranta m/26 (Axis, Moscow/Stalingrad/Berlin)

This Finnish attempted 20-round magazine fed light machine gun was designed for use in harshest climatic conditions and was adopted for service in 1926. Its design was based on the best machine guns of WWI. So it is not at all surprising that in its features the influence of American and German design schools is clearly noticeable. 

W.A.R. (Allies, Normandy/Pacific)
W.A.R. (Allies, Normandy/Pacific)

The unusual acronym stands for Winchester Automatic Rifle. It is an American light machine gun offered by Winchester to replace the BAR machine guns. Compared to the current weapon, the W.A.R. was more accurate, lightweight and cheaper. The end of WW2 interrupted the series of successful tests and mass production of this gun never started.

FN Model 1930 (Axis, Normandy/Pacific)
FN Model 1930 (Axis, Normandy/Pacific)

This Belgian machine gun was developed on the basis of the Browning M1918 by the famous Fabrique Nationale company. It retained all positive features of its predecessor, but added modular design and slow full-auto mode to this weapon, which appeared 8 years later on the Browning M1918A2! 

It was exported actively to many countries, but China was the main export market.

Experimental Degtyarev Sniper Rifle, model 1938 (Allies, Moscow/Stalingrad/Berlin)
Experimental Degtyarev Sniper Rifle, model 1938 (Allies, Moscow/Stalingrad/Berlin)

The sniper rifle was developed by V. A. Degtyarev on the basis of his other 1932 model rifle. It was equipped with 3.9x telescopic sight and detachable 10-round magazines. Compared to the previous version, the weight of the rifle was a full one kilogram reduction. The improvements did not help the rifle to go into mass production, but it can still be a great exclusive in the hands of your best snipers!

Among the rewards, as before, there are plenty of orders for weapons, soldiers, customization, and other useful equipment for every commander. The most valuable: gold weapon order, two for soldiers, and two for armored vehicles with unique camouflage!

In addition to the unique weapons of the season, you will have available for purchase 12 new unique soldiers with the best characteristics for their level, as well as 10 pieces of armored vehicles and aircraft in an exclusive design!

New battle pass tasks!

We've implemented even more varied battle tasks for you and improved the ones we've already introduced. Take a look!

  • Get the first kill in a battle 3 times.
  • Kill 200 enemies while attacking or defending a strategic point.
  • Kill 50 enemies using an ampulomet or a flamethrower.
  • Complete 5 battles with 10 or more kills using a tank or aircraft.
  • Your rally points were used by your teammates 80 times.
  • Kill 30 enemies with rockets or bombs.
  • Kill 75 enemies using a mortar or artillery fire.
  • Complete 3 battles with at least one streak of 15 submachine gun kills in this battle with soldiers from the same squad.

Cleaning the store

With the start of the new season, some rewards from previous seasons will have a timer, after which they will no longer be available for purchase.

They will soon disappear from the store:

  • Unique Soldiers of Moscow, Normandy, Berlin and Tunisia:  Victor Meganov (fighter pilot), Felix Bliesner (fighter pilot), Neil Orenko (assaulter), Warnfried Salnisch (assaulter), Maxim Merkulin (rifleman), Ralf Reihmer (rifleman), Alexander Clarkson (assaulter), Lorenzo Riveberi (assaulter). 
  • Unique weapons of Normandy and Berlin: Mkb 35/III, RMN-50, Pedersen rifle.
  • Vehicles with unique camouflage of Moscow, Berlin and Tunisia: Т-50 1st Guards Tank Brigade camo, Bf 110 C-7 Green summer camo, Т-34-85 “Suvorov”, Panther G “Müncheberg”, Hurricane Mk IIB/Trop, 6th squadron RAF, M13/40 VII Battaglione, 32 Reggimento Carri, Ariete, El-Aghelia.

If you planned to get one of the outgoing rewards earlier, hurry up to make your decision by the 26th of April.

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