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Enlisted - a squad-based MMO shooter - has been announced!

The official website for the Enlisted project has been launched - Enlisted will offer not only unique gameplay but a brand new approach to game development!

Enlisted will make it possible for the players to see the most important and major battles through the eyes of the soldiers that fought them. In some modes, players will  play not only personally but also with a squad which will provide truly large scale battles. Combat that involve up to one hundred soldiers will take place on various battlefields of the world, on maps as big as hundreds of square metres.

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We want our players to be a part of the development for real. Along with  “The Tunisia campaign” we have launched a vote for a future goal of the project.

We plan to recreate several of the most famous WW2 battles such as The Battle of Moscow and The Invasion of Normandy, with support from our players we hope to make some other campaigns as well. E.g. the Battle of Iwo Jima, the Battle of Stalingrad or even the Battle of Berlin.

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