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  • Update
    19 October 2021
    “Events” tab has been added to the main menu. Balance has been adjusted for the following mission.
  • Operations: “Sandstorm”
    19 October 2021
    From October 19th (13:00 UTC) until October 21 (16:00 UTC) take part in the first testing operation “Sandstorm”, fight in Destruction missions of the Battle of Tunisia campaign and take the top spots on the scoreboard. 3rd level of campaign for selected army is required to participate.
  • Update ( - Playstation)
    19 October 2021
    Fixed a bug which prevented the usage of medpacks with certain combinations of medpack usage speed abilities. Now, the starting ability of a rank III player will provide a 15% bonus to their medpack usage speed. 
  • Server Update 15.10.21
    15 October 2021
    In the Battle of Tunisia campaign at level 25, the allies will unlock the Thompson M21/28. Tankers of the 2nd Panzer Division/3rd Panzer Regiment at level 31 of the Invasion of Normandy campaign on the axis side will receive the starting skill + 45% faster gear shifting speed, which is indicated on the card. Fixed the inability to upgrade Engineers in the Premium motorcyclist squads up to 5 stars in the Battle of Tunisia campaign for both allied and axis sides.
  • Update ( - Playstation, - Xbox)
    14 October 2021
    In this update we are introducing a redesigned soldier development and training mechanism that will make these aspects of the game simpler and clearer. Along with the introduction of this mechanism, it will be possible to level up premium and promote soldiers to their maximum level! We also continue to add missions in the new “Destruction” mode with mining and defending key installations whilst Improving artificial intelligence and fixing detected bugs.
  • Server Update 08.10.2021
    8 October 2021
    Session waiting time before the system lowers the minimum amount of players accepted into the battle is increased from 0 to 30 seconds. This will allow to gather larger teams before starting the session. If still needed, additional players will be added to the started battle as before during certain amount of time.
  • Owners of the Xbox One can now join the battlefields of Enlisted!
    8 October 2021
    Soldiers, we are happy to announce that the online military shooter Enlisted - initially developed only for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, recently released for PlayStation 4, is now also available on the Xbox One!
  • Owners of the PlayStation 4 can now join the battlefields of Enlisted!
    4 October 2021
    Soldiers, we are happy to announce that the online military shooter Enlisted - initially developed only for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, is now also available on the previous generation of consoles! Owners of the PlayStation 4 can enjoy combat in three Enlisted campaigns: the Invasion of Normandy, Battle of Tunisia, and after nearest update - Battle for Moscow. Naturally, playing on the same servers with existing players on other platforms. The fourth campaign - Battle of Berlin - will become available in the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. We are also working hard to release Enlisted on Xbox One in the nearest future as well.
  • Update
    29 September 2021
    Increased accuracy of rifles, semi-automatic rifles and machine guns.
  • Weapons tuning
    29 September 2021
    We are currently finalizing a small update which will cause some of the previously lowered accuracy for bolt action rifles to return. In this devblog, we will first explain why the changes were initially made, and what our plans are in terms of weapons tuning in the future.
  • New official merch shop for Enlisted!
    27 September 2021
    The official international Enlisted merch shop, created by our long-time players, is now fully operational!
  • Daily rewards
    24 September 2021
    We are happy to present a new game mechanic to reward those Enlisted commanders who play regularly. Daily rewards will be given out every day at the time you first login. They will range from experience boosters to bronze, silver and even golden logistics orders for troops, weapons and vehicles!
  • Rewards in Twitch Drops this weekend!
    24 September 2021
    To celebrate the beginning of the “Battle of Tunisia” Open Testing, we’ve prepared prizes for all those who watch Enlisted streams on Twitch!
  • Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)
    24 September 2021
    The following balance changes for the “Invasion” missions have been implemented.
  • Update
    23 September 2021
    Added vehicle and tank targets, weapons and an ammo box in Practice mode of the “Battle of Tunisia” campaign. Improved the appearance of respawn points in the "Fortress (Invasion)" mission.
  • Enlisted Major Update and the Tunisia OBT
    22 September 2021
    This update is numbered 0.2.0, meaning that now - Enlisted really becomes something new.
  • New game mode — Destruction
    21 September 2021
    There will be no capture points in this battle. Make your way to the enemy's strategic location and blow it up, along with all the defenders in the new Enlisted Mode!
  • Update
    17 September 2021
    Restored maximum value of “Mouse aim speed” in settings back to 5.
  • Expanding the front line!
    17 September 2021
    We recently released the “Battle of Tunisia” into closed beta testing, but we are already ready to please you again with new content in the upcoming major update. This time - making the Battle for Moscow and Invasion of Normandy even larger!
  • The “Battle of Tunisia” second stage and update
    16 September 2021
    The “Battle of Tunisia” campaign includes 15 new levels. Improvements for motorcycle squads, better digging of trenches and foxholes.
  • Update
    10 September 2021
    Fixed a bug in the Al Har (Invasion) mission where soldiers might respawn in rock.
  • Motorcycle squad: vehicle or infantry?
    10 September 2021
    Friends, we have been carefully monitoring all of your feedback for the Tunisia Campaign. Among the many discussions therefrom, we have noticed a high level of interest in the new squad type - motorcycle machine gun squads.
  • Get a Boost in FPS for Enlisted
    10 September 2021
    Soldiers, we've added an advanced AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution algorithm to the game that allows you to boost in FPS for Enlisted on your device without replacing your hardware.
  • Update
    9 September 2021
    The balance of missions in Invasion mode for the “Battle of Tunisia” Campaign has been adjusted — capture time for some points increased.
  • “Battle of Tunisia” Campaign CBT and Big Update
    8 September 2021
    The CBT of the long awaited “Battle for Tunisia” campaign has launched in Enlisted!
  • Let’s give personal orders and find cover from bombs!
    7 September 2021
    Today we bring you two great pieces of news while we work on finalizing the Enlisted update. Today we’ll discuss the function of the personal orders and how in the future you’ll be able to take cover from bombs.
  • Massive improvements in the progression system
    2 September 2021
    While we are preparing new content and features for the major update, we’re also working hard to improve existing mechanics. One of the main areas we’ve been working on is the progression system for soldiers and weapons.
  • Invasion at Beloe Lake
    2 September 2021
    Every day Enlisted gives our team more and more experience, which we apply not only to new missions, but also to improvements of already familiar places. One of the oldest maps in the game, Beloe Lake, will be among these places in the upcoming update.
  • Time to dig!
    31 August 2021
    Today we’re happy to reveal a new feature of the upcoming major update in Enlisted.
  • We are going to Tunisia!
    26 August 2021
    We are happy to announce our new Enlisted campaign, which will take place in Northern Africa, where allied and axis forces fought hard, and also where the largest single army of the Reich was mobilised.
  • Update
    26 August 2021
    Fixed incorrect sounds for machine guns and cannons on certain aircraft. Fixed a game crash that occurred when selecting the Schlachtgeschwader 3 II./SG3 squad when equipped with the Me 410 B-1 in the main menu.
  • Update
    25 August 2021
    Corrected some vehicle spawn point locations in the following missions: Ver-sur-Mer (Invasion), Königsplatz (Invasion) and Lehrter Bahnhof (Conquest).
  • Boosted progress and custom battle rules
    24 August 2021
    We continue to reveal some of the new features from the upcoming major update, and in this devblog we have three great upgrades.
  • New Artillery features
    19 August 2021
    We continue to reveal some of the new features of the upcoming major update. Today we discuss new tactical features for artillery guns.
  • Update
    19 August 2021
    The lack of an information button in the “Logistics” menu for premium squads has been fixed.
  • Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)
    18 August 2021
    The new system for the aircraft respawn has been disabled and will be reworked. It is now as it was before, specifically the team can only have 1 fighter and 1 attack aircraft on the battlefield.
  • Update
    18 August 2021
    In this update we continue to add alternative routes through Invasion missions and the balance of light machine guns. Shooting on the move with such heavy weapons has become more difficult to control, but machine guns are still effective when stationary and in the bipod position.
  • New transport vehicles
    17 August 2021
    Today, we show you a new means of transportation, useful to all players fond of using various battle tactics.
  • Update ( - Xbox, - Playstation)
    10 August 2021
    Login screen has been updated. Fixed a bug that caused the reload animation to skip when reloading a weapon.
  • Server Update
    9 August 2021
    Due to the detection of critical bug, the experience received by an engineer from players replenishing ammunition from a built supply box has been temporarily disabled.
  • Update ( - Xbox, - Playstation)
    6 August 2021
    A bug where the squad list would not be visible after respawning has been fixed. The vehicle number limit now works correctly in the Battle for Berlin campaign. Corrected the position of vehicle spawn points in the Wilhelmstrasse (Conquest) mission.
  • Update ( - Xbox, - Playstation)
    5 August 2021
    A bug which would cause the narrator language to not correspond with the selected team, when the “Narrator’s native language” option was active, has been fixed. A bug that activated the incorrect strategic zone in the mission “Ruins of Vaux (Invasion)” has been fixed. The location of the battle zones in the mission “Moat (Invasion)” has been improved.
  • Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)
    4 August 2021
    In this update we continue to grow mission variety for all our campaigns, including the new Invasion for the German side - counter attack from the Reichstag. We have also worked on the lighting, and excluded excessively dark versions of missions, especially on the Berlin map, or have added some extra light sources there. Combat interface and navigation in the Lone Fighters mode has been improved, and capture points are now marked with smoke signals!
  • Server update 27.07.2021
    27 July 2021
    The amount of reinforcement points for the attacking team has been reduced in the mission “Fortified district” (Invasion).
  • Update
    26 July 2021
    Missing grenade indicator has been fixed. Balance for the missions Invasion Fortified district, Airfield, Ruins of Vaux, Le Bre, Ministry Garden, Hermann Goering strasse has been improved: time to capture strategic points has been increased. The position of aircraft resupply points in the mission Wilhelmstrasse (Invasion) has been adjusted.
  • Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)
    22 July 2021
    Fixed a bug in an unintentional leaving of aiming mode when using a mortar. You will no longer be able to replenish mortar ammo indefinitely.
  • Update
    21 July 2021
    Fixed a bug which would allow players to kill allies with an air bomb in the ‘Squads’ mode.
  • Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)
    20 July 2021
    Greetings, soldiers! Welcome to the newest update, in which we introduce greater diversity in missions and continue to upgrade the AI soldiers. Missions in the ‘Invasion’ mode have been transformed, creating different route options and strategic points, so it’s time to learn some new tactics! Improvements include an improved interface that will make it easier to navigate the Campaign tab, new cards which will help you manage squads and their weaponry, and the ability to to switch to any desired soldier of your squad, at any time, without cycling.
  • “Battle Summer” results
    20 July 2021
    The major summer operation has come to an end and we thought you would all want to see your success in the offensive!
  • New paths in Invasion
    19 July 2021
    OOne of the most loved game modes - Invasion - is becoming even more interesting and diverse in the upcoming update. Come and get used to new tactics and paths in alternative versions of already known missions.
  • Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)
    14 July 2021
    Fixed a spawn point location error in ‘Ver-sur-Mer (Invasion)’ which allowed defenders to approach the respawn location of the attackers. Fixed the smoke trails of VG 1-5 bullets.
  • Server update 09.07.2021
    9 July 2021
    A rare bug with the Battle Pass progress display has been fixed. As compensation for players for the inconvenience caused, Battle Pass progress has been increased by one star.
  • “Battle Summer” Rewards
    9 July 2021
    On the 9th of July we have a new operation starting in Enlisted with a number of great rewards, so let's take a look at them in more detail.
  • Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)
    8 July 2021
    For the first time in the “Battle of Berlin” campaign an “Assault” mode mission with simultaneous capturing of two points will be added. The balance of both sides has been improved for already existing Berlin battles and additional cover has been added.
  • Operation “Battle Summer”
    7 July 2021
    Event Rewards can still be obtained for Gold.
  • Update
    28 June 2021
    SKS-44 has been renamed SKS-31 to reflect the actual model number and not the production year. Added button to view battle pass vehicle characteristics in the Logistics menu. Updated French, Korean and Spanish localizations.
  • Rewards in Twitch Drops this weekend!
    24 June 2021
    Watch Enlisted streams on Twitch with “Drops enabled” selected between June 24th (16:00 GMT) and June 28th (16:00 GMT).
  • Berlin - the start of open beta!
    24 June 2021
    The “Battle for Berlin” campaign has entered Open Beta! With new weapons, vehicles, squads and missions and with campaign and squad progression now available to all players! Also, the second Battle Pass season with unique rewards has begun! Additionally in this update we have improved some effects and fixed many bugs which have been found by you and us.
  • Battle for Berlin Reinforcements: Level 24-26
    23 June 2021
    Welcome to the final devblog of the series where we will introduce you to the new upcoming content of the “Battle for Berlin” campaign. Everything will become available in an upcoming major update.
  • Upgrades to the Battle Pass in Enlisted
    22 June 2021
    We are implementing a number of substantial upgrades and improvements to the Battle Pass. The new season will start on June 24th, meaning you have two more days to finish the current season! In the next season we will deploy a number of improvements and new types of rewards.
  • Battle for Berlin Reinforcements: Level 22-23
    21 June 2021
    We're continuing to add new squads, weapons and vehicles to our latest campaign! This is the second devblog in a series in which we will introduce you to the new content of the “Battle for Berlin” campaign. It will become available in an upcoming major update.
  • Update
    18 June 2021
    Lone fighters mode changes.
  • Battle for Berlin Reinforcements: Level 19-21
    18 June 2021
    We’re continuing to add squads, weapons and vehicles to the new Enlisted campaign! This is a series of three devblogs in which we will introduce you to the new upcoming content of the Battle of Berlin campaign. Everything will become available in the upcoming major update.
  • Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)
    17 June 2021
    In this update the previously announced hardcore lone fighters mode will finally be available and another mission will be added to the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign, a new mission on the beach.
  • Battle for Berlin Reinforcements
    16 June 2021
    Reinforcements are arriving, commander! Let us talk about three new campaign levels of the Battle for Berlin campaign, which were added to the game today.
  • Developer’s Q&A - June
    15 June 2021
    It has been a pleasure to read not only your questions but also your feedback and suggestions too! We received more than 2500 messages and have tried to pick the ones that are the most relevant and interesting at the current stage of development for Enlisted.
  • Lone Fighters: now true hardcore!
    11 June 2021
    In order to provide our players with different game experiences and accommodate some of the wishes we receive (without adding new game modes splitting the lobbies further), we decided to split the ways that our two existing modes develop and deeply rework the Lone Fighters mode in the upcoming update.
  • Update
    8 June 2021
    We have tuned the matchmaking system so that the same missions are less likely to appear in a row if a player has not quit the battle early. We have changed what contributes to gaining experience for Engineers, meaning we have also changed the relevant battle tasks.
  • D-Day Event
    4 June 2021
    Early on the morning of June the 6th on the beaches of French Normandy, the incredibly massive allied landing operation began marking the start of the liberation of Western Europe.
  • Update
    4 June 2021
    Fixed a bug that prevented Panzerfaust 60 ammo replenishment from the engineer’s supply box. Amount of ammunition in the engineer’s supply box now depends on its size. Mortars and rocket launchers can now be replenished fewer times than regular firearms. Fixed a bug that prevented purchase of a premium squad with a discount for gold. Fixed the ability to get six-star soldiers after training at the Academy. Fixed invulnerability of built anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns. Fixed text twitching in soldier cards when switching between squads.
  • Update
    3 June 2021
    Fixed the ability to resupply mortar ammo from crates. Fixed a bug that did not allow the use of two aircraft in the Invasion of Normandy campaign. Corrected camera position when selecting respawn point in some missions. It will make it easier when selecting mobile rally points at the edge of the map.
  • Update ( - Xbox, - Playstation)
    2 June 2021
    Welcome to the new Enlisted update!
  • Questions for developers
    28 May 2021
    Ask our developers about Enlisted!
  • Update
    25 May 2021
    Fixed a bug that caused distant smoke to be drawn over an aircraft’s crosshairs. Fixed a bug allowing other classes but troopers to use the Mosin rifle with the Diakonov grenade launcher. New radio operator squad in the Moscow campaign is fixed, now second-tier personnel upgrades work correctly.
  • Update
    24 May 2021
    The throwing point with grenades has been raised a bit in order to make grenade throwing from trenches and behind cover easier. Improved some of the vehicle spawn points in Wilhelmstrasse (Invasion).
  • Update ( - Xbox, Playstation)
    21 May 2021
    The lack of voice-over for soldiers in battles has been fixed. A bug where the bayonet of the Mosin rifle mod 1944 would appear to hang in the air while reloading has been fixed. It is now impossible to occupy an incapacitated aircraft in the Airfield (Invasion) mission. The positions of vehicle respawn locations on the last strategic points in the Wilhelmstrasse (Invasion) mission have been improved. The positions of respawn points in the Wilhelmstrasse (Conquest) missions have been improved. Fixed the incorrect operation of the limitation in vehicle numbers in the Wilhelmstrasse (Invasion) mission.
  • Meet the Major Update “At the Reichstag Walls”
    20 May 2021
    Today a major update comes to Enlisted with new levels for all campaigns present in the game!
  • Reinforcements at the Invasion of Normandy
    19 May 2021
    Reinforcements are arriving soon, commanders!  In the upcoming major update, the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign will receive 3 new campaign levels with squads, weaponry and vehicles for each side. We will also introduce premium squads for the support specialties.
  • Reinforcements at the Battle for Moscow
    18 May 2021
    Reinforcements are arriving soon, commanders! In the upcoming major update, the “Battle for Moscow” campaign will receive 3 new campaign levels with squads, weaponry and vehicles for each side.
  • Update
    17 May 2021
    You can now replenish the supply of grenades from the ammo box in the tutorial mission.
  • Update
    14 May 2021
    Fixed a bug where in some cases the game was launched using an integrated, rather than discrete video card, which led to a loss in game performance.
  • New Locations, Missions and Combat Objectives
    14 May 2021
    Prepare for new experiences, soldiers! In the upcoming major update not only will we add new missions to every Enlisted campaign, but also introduce new Secondary Objectives to some missions as a new gameplay mechanic, allowing you to potentially win battles faster.
  • Update ( — Xbox, Playstation)
    13 May 2021
    In this update we have added several missions in the Battle of Moscow and Invasion of Normandy campaigns, as well as implementing many of your requests and improvements. 
  • Battle of Berlin for Victory Day! (UPDATED)
    9 May 2021
    Today many across the world celebrate “Victory Day”. On May 8th, 1945, the Allied nations that participated in World War II celebrated the final defeat of the Nazi war machine and the laying down of arms across Europe, and at the heart of that victory was the Battle of Berlin. Battle of Berlin campaign will be available to all players till May 11, 14:00 GMT.
  • Enlisted Victory Day Weekend Contest
    7 May 2021
    Compete with other creators on the Battle of Berlin campaign for the chance to win cash prizes!
  • Twitch Drops this weekend!
    7 May 2021
    Unique pistols for the “Battle of Berlin” campaign in Twitch Drops this weekend!
  • Update
    6 May 2021
    A delay has been placed on the ability to fly out in an aircraft at the beginning of each round. Now, they will only be available to fly 60 seconds following the start of the battle. A bug where the main battle tasks are not displayed in the interface has been fixed. To make them visible again you need to complete any additional battle task.Battle of Berlin Campaign: Capture points rebalanced. Fixed some of the visual bugs across the location...
  • Update
    4 May 2021
    Incorrectly positioned soldiers in vehicles have been corrected. Fixed incorrect display of cyclical tasks for the Battle Pass after level 60.
  • Logistics orders for battle experience!
    30 April 2021
    At the very beginning of the Enlisted Closed Beta test, bronze logistics orders were not given for battle tasks, but rather for experience gained in battles.
  • Update
    29 April 2021
    The ability window in the customization menu has been improved. Weapon icons and class have been added to the weapon inspection window.
  • Update
    27 April 2021
    The Panther F tank has been replaced with the Panther G. AI-soldier navigation has been improved. Balance for capture points has been improved.
  • Win free access to the Battle of Berlin!
    23 April 2021
    Play this weekend April 24th-25th in the “Battle of Moscow” and “Invasion of Normandy” campaigns. On Monday, April 26th we will randomly give away 1,000 keys to the “Battle of Berlin” closed beta test (without receiving a Premium squad).
  • “Battle of Berlin”: Twitch Drops this weekend!
    23 April 2021
    We were glad to announce the beginning of the “Battle of Berlin” Closed Beta Testing — this weekend too you can receive unique rewards for the campaign as well as silver orders for weaponry and soldiers in Twitch Drops.
  • Closed Beta Testing: “Battle of Berlin” Campaign in Enlisted
    23 April 2021
    On April 23rd, testing of the new Enlisted campaign “Battle of Berlin” starts!
  • Update
    23 April 2021
    Removed extra speed bonus for sprint-jumps and increased stamina depletion whilst jumping. Corrected camera shake when being hit. Mobile respawn point tuning.
  • Enlisted: play without a subscription!
    22 April 2021
    From now on, you won’t need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play Enlisted (including online modes).
  • Update ( XBOX)
    22 April 2021
    Added new flamethrower jet effect. The ability to retroactively change a previously made choice between mutually exclusive branches of squad research has been added to the squad improvements window.
  • Update
    21 April 2021
    In this update we expanded the maximum allowable FOV (field of view) settings! We have also added nicknames over your friends in the squad for better coordination in the battles. Additionally, we have also added priority for the last control command given. This will allow you for example to aim while sprinting quickly or lay down without needing to release the previous button first.
  • Development report №1
    16 April 2021
    In this report we will share some of our current plans for improving Enlisted. These improvements are all based on the feedback and suggestions you've left for us.
  • Unique vehicles, weapons and soldiers in Twitch Drops this weekend!
    16 April 2021
    To celebrate the start of OBT, from the 16th of April (16:00 GMT) until the 19th of April (16:00 GMT), we have prepared unique rewards for Enlisted players that can be received by watching Enlisted streams on Twitch — Watch every day for new rewards!
  • Update
    14 April 2021
    16 new challenges added. Battle Tasks are now split in two groups: main and secondary. Added option to prolong an active premium account. Spare parts for vehicles are now available after reaching Campaign level 3.
  • Update
    12 April 2021
    Fixed a bug in Pokrovskoye City, where destroyed objects could sometimes spawn duplicates.  Fixed invisible orders at the first level of the campaign. Fixed a bug where players did not get their soldiers or gold back in the Academy when cancelling training.  Fixed a bug where Backpacks appeared in the ‘secret obtaining method’ section.  You can now use enemy AA-gun mounts or Anti-Tank guns after killing the owner. 
  • Improvements to Battle Tasks and Achievements
    12 April 2021
    We’re currently hard at work improving the Battle Tasks and Achievement system.
  • Update
    9 April 2021
    Control tips will now automatically be shown only in the tutorial. Soldier movement controls when slightly pushing the gamepad stick have been improved. The switch from the running-to-walking state for soldiers has been improved when slightly pushing the gamepad stick. The Number of available battle tasks with an active Premium Account is now shown correctly. An issue where squadron points were unable to be purchased has been solved. An issue with the Soviet sniper hood, which covered part of the screen while reloading, has been solved. A client crash, which sometimes occurred during the loading screen, has been fixed. The switch from the running-to-walking state for soldiers has been improved when slightly pushing the gamepad stick. The Number of available battle tasks with an active Premium Account are now shown correctly. An issue where squadron points were unable to be purchased has been solved. An issue with the Soviet sniper hood, which covered part of the screen while reloading, has been solved. A client crash, which sometimes occurred during the loading screen, has been fixed.
  • Twitch Drops rewards for War Thunder and Enlisted this weekend!
    9 April 2021
    To celebrate the start of OBT, from the 9th of April (16:00 GMT) until the 12th of April (16:00 GMT), we have prepared unique rewards for War Thunder and Enlisted players that can be received by watching Enlisted streams on Twitch — Watch every day for new rewards!
  • The Open Beta Testing of Enlisted has begun!
    8 April 2021
    Enlisted has entered its Open Beta Testing stage, meaning everyone can now join in on the action!
  • Update
    8 April 2021
    Major update with long-awaited new features! Enlisted has received a Battle Pass, we have announced the expansion of the soldiers’s inventory, missions with dynamic weather and even the ability to remove all the soldier’s equipment in one click - just as you have asked.
  • Changes in the Premium Squads
    7 April 2021
    After analyzing your feedback and statistics while testing monetization in Enlisted, we decided to change some mechanics with the launch of the Open beta test. That includes changes to Premium Squads, chiefly, lowering the overall advantages of these squads so they are not drastically better than the regular squads even after long training and progress.
  • New Missions and Dynamic Weather for the OBT Launch
    6 April 2021
    With the launch of the Open Beta Test we’re adding some new battlefields to Enlisted! Take a look at the new and modified missions in both the “Battle of Moscow” and the “Invasion of Normandy” campaigns. Including a brand new mission with the first introduction of the dynamic weather system!
  • Enlisted Battle Pass
    5 April 2021
    As we announced earlier, the Battle Pass in Enlisted will become the main means of obtaining personnel and equipment, including unique weapons and soldiers. The first Battle Pass season begins with the OBT launch on the 8th of April and will last 75 days.
  • New Weapons: Land Mines
    2 April 2021
    In one of the nearer updates, military command will provide you with a new weapon type - anti tank and anti personnel landmines.
  • CBT is ending, Hurry and get a Founder Pack
    26 March 2021
    Friends, we are pleased to announce that Enlisted is almost ready to move into open beta-testing (OBT)! From April 8th, 2021 the game will be ready for new armies of players.
  • Rewards, battle tasks, changes in progress and logistics for squads and soldiers
    25 March 2021
    Battle Pass will become the main way to obtain new soldiers, weapons and useful ammunition. In the rewards you will find unique weapons, high-rank soldiers, skins for vehicles, experience boosters and many other cool items!
  • Update - PS5)
    24 March 2021
    PC, PS5: New music has been added to the game. Xbox: Graphical artifacts in the tank cockpit in high performance mode have been fixed.
  • Update
    19 March 2021
    Fixed captured point icon being displayed as neutral. Fixed loading process not being displayed whilst getting reinforcements or supplies in Logistics.
  • Update ( - PS5, - Xbox)
    18 March 2021
    We continue to improve AI-soldier behavior, add authentic weapon models and polish the game mechanics.
  • Premium machine gunners in the Gaijin.Net store!
    18 March 2021
    The Premium squad collection grows larger, now we have two new heavy machine gun squads!
  • Server update 17.03.2021
    17 March 2021
    Cross-play between PC and consoles has been disabled by popular demand. Now PC players play amongst themselves and console players play only amongst themselves.
  • Update
    12 March 2021
    Added mark about new campaign availability. Added icon in Logistics menu when you receive new orders for supplies or reinforcements. Only a single explosive pack is required now instead of two to destroy worn-out parts of walls.
  • Update
    10 March 2021
    The position of the tutorial area and the location of items in the tutorial missions for “Invasion of Normandy” campaign have been changed. Default control settings have been changed.
  • Core current tasks
    5 March 2021
    We continue to share some thoughts about the Enlisted development process and our current plans.
  • Update
    5 March 2021
    Improved the movement physics of soldiers. Added a button to switch campaigns in the main menu. Armament specs are now grouped together in vehicle descriptions.
  • Twitch Drops rewards for War Thunder and Enlisted this weekend!
    5 March 2021
    On the occasion of the start of the Closed Beta Testing of Enlisted on PlayStation®5 and the introduction of the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign, we have prepared rewards for those playing Enlisted and War Thunder!
  • Update
    3 March 2021
    A bug in the mission Ruins of Vaux (Conquest) where points captured by the teams were defined incorrectly has been fixed. A bug where orders received after a battle for troops did not show has been fixed. The issue occured with players whose progress was returned to the 18th level in the “Battle for Moscow” campaign. Currently, we are working on returning any missing orders to players.
  • Enlisted Major Update: PlayStation 5 and launch of the Normandy Campaign
    2 March 2021
    In this update we welcome players from PlayStation 5, enable permanent access to the Invasion of Normandy campaign with squad unlocking and progression and have made many changes in missions and game mechanics according to your feedback. Thank you!
  • New mission in the “Battle for Moscow” dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day
    23 February 2021
    Battles in the “Conquest” game mode will take place on a large-scale territory and the estate itself, the former luxury of which is still visible through the dust of war. This location we have created is inspired by the building of the real Chernyshevs' estate in the village of Yaropolets. This mission will also feature cars for the first time in the Battle of Moscow campaign.
  • Big Update
    11 February 2021
    In this update, we are pleased to present a bunch of AI related improvements which include the ability to choose your squad formation, improvements to AI paths and covering abilities, and the introduction of the long anticipated system of advanced orders for AI!
  • Improving Normandy
    28 January 2021
    We’ve run two testing sessions of the “Invasion to Normandy” campaign, and want to tell you more about improvements that are currently in development thanks to your feedback.
  • Results of the second “Invasion of Normandy”
    19 January 2021
    Players have carried out 11,550 Normandy Beach assaults and battles at Le Bre and Château du Bosq and we have received more than 100 suggestions from you.
  • Operation D-Day continues!
    12 January 2021
    From January 12 to January 18, we invite all beta testers to join the legendary battles in Normandy again!
  • Twitch Drops: watch Enlisted streams and get rewards!
    7 January 2021
    There's a general gathering for Enlisted and War Thunder players to get rewards for watching the live stream at in both games!
  • 2020 Results
    31 December 2020
    In 2020 we were able to visit Berlin and fight in numerous battles on the outskirts of Moscow. We analyzed your achievements along this path. Take a look at what the army of Enlisted players are capable of!
  • D-Day awaits!
    23 December 2020
    To celebrate the upcoming holidays participants of the CBT will get access to three missions from the new Campaign. From December 23rd until December 28th you can take part in the legendary battles of Normandy!
  • Update
    15 December 2020
    AI-soldiers behavior improved when avoiding the player’s line of targeting. AI-soldiers act with better coordination, capturing strategic zones from different sides.
  • Update
    14 December 2020
    Added Nvidia Reflex support. The aircraft pilot now suffers from maneuvering overload. The tank cannon now looks equal to both the gunner and commander. Added penetration analyzer for anti-tank cannons built by an engineer.
  • Large Update
    4 December 2020
    In this update we have worked on an improved interface, fixed many bugs, added two new missions and Engineers can now also build anti-tank guns. Most of those updates were implemented according to your feedback.
  • Update
    12 November 2020
    The rally points respawn limit has been reduced from 20 to 15. Stationary machine-gun build limit for a player has been reduced from 2 to 1. A stationary machine-gun can be destroyed with a single shot from a rifle at mid to close range. The stationary machine-gun overheat parameters have been changed. Now it will cool down quicker if not overheated.
  • Enlisted is now in CBT!
    10 November 2020
    We are beginning Closed Beta Testing and arriving on new generation Xbox Series X|S consoles.
  • Update
    10 November 2020
    Cockpit for the Bf-109 F1 has been added. Sights for the I-153 and HS-123 have been fixed. A bug that didn’t allow the selection of a respawn point has been fixed. Display of the glass/perspex in an aircraft cockpit has been fixed. Shimmering of burnt down ground vehicle tracks has been fixed.
  • Enlisted will be available on Xbox Series X|S on launch day!
    15 October 2020

    Enlisted will be part of Xbox Series X|S launch line-up as a Game Preview title and a timed console exclusive. A ‘Founder’s pack’ purchase will be required to get access to the game.

  • Observation devices for ground vehicles
    31 August 2020

    We are currently working on modeling major observation devices, including commander optics. 

  • Flamethrowers
    27 July 2020

    This devblog is about one of the most devastating firearms of WWII - flamethrowers are coming to Enlisted!

  • The dynamics of firearms in Enlisted
    7 July 2020

    Today we’re talking about improvements in recoil and firearms control in general.

  • “Invasion of Normandy”: armoured vehicles
    24 June 2020

    Let’s talk about armoured vehicles from the ‘Invasion of Normandy’ campaign.

  • “Invasion of Normandy”: Soldiers and weapons
    17 June 2020

    Continuing the series of devblogs for the “Invasion of Normandy” campaign. We have already talked about the battlefields and now it is time to introduce you to the participants in the battles.

  • Devs answer your questions
    10 June 2020

    Here comes another collection of answers from the devs to your questions, gathered from our social networks and the official Enlisted Discord channel.

  • “Invasion of Normandy" campaign
    6 June 2020

    In this devblog series we will discuss the development of content which will form part of the campaign “Invasion of Normandy”.

  • AI in Enlisted: situational response
    1 June 2020

    Today we will talk about the "Situation awareness" — an important part of the AI in Enlisted. More specifically - how we are training the AI players of your squad to better identify hazards and priority targets.

  • Changing game character inertia
    22 May 2020

    We have increased the responsiveness to the teams in our other project - Cuisine Royale and already received many positive reactions of this change. We hope that you will see similar changes in Enlisted in the next test.

  • Results of the open test in Berlin
    12 May 2020

    This time more than 47,950 players evaluated the development progress: a new location, vehicles from the final stage of the war and several dozen types and modifications of firearms. 

  • Open pre-alpha test in Berlin
    8 May 2020

    On the anniversary of a Great Victory we want to invite everyone to take a part in a test of Enlisted again.

  • New vehicles and weapons
    8 May 2020

    The available weapons, vehicles and supplies in Enlisted will match the stages of the war and the battles in which you will be involved.

  • Improved Adaptation and Tone mapping after first open test
    7 May 2020

    One of the feedback points we have received after the first open playtest of Enlisted was “too much light when looking from inside the building outside, it blinds you”, or “reflections from the ground can blind you”. We have tried to improve this situation. So let us discuss the core of the problem and ways to solve it.

  • The new battlefield: Berlin
    6 May 2020

    In the days surrounding the Victory Day celebration we are ready to show you another important location which is currently under development. You will experience the final days of WWII.

  • Results of the first open pre-alpha test of Enlisted
    3 April 2020

    On April 1st, the first open playtest of Enlisted was conducted. This was the beginning of each soldier’s history in our game.

  • The first pre-alpha open playtest of Enlisted is over
    1 April 2020

    The first pre-alpha open playtest of Enlisted is over. We are grateful for your active participation!

  • Launch of North America server cluster for Enlisted pre-alpha test
    1 April 2020

    First open pre-alpha test of Enlisted continues and we have opened special North America server cluster to improve comfort of players from that region.

  • First public playtest of Enlisted
    1 April 2020

    Soldier! Today we start the first public play test in the history of Enlisted.

  • GDC talk: Scalable Real-Time Ray Traced Global Illumination for Large Scenes
    2 May 2019

    One of the most important aspects of game development, besides introducing new content is innovating new features and ensuring they run fast and efficiently. Today, we would like to talk to you about Scalable, Real-Time, Global Illumination for Large Scenes, and how this affects the dynamic environments inside Enlisted.

  • The "Battle of Moscow" location in Development
    14 December 2018

    Today, we would like to show several screenshots of the "Battle of Moscow" location currently in Development. Adding fortifications and digging trenches, we continue our work to improve the landscape and overall atmosphere of the battle.

  • Anton Yudintsev talks about Enlisted and Nvidia
    7 September 2018

    Enlisted is a WWII-themed, MMO, squad-based FPS set to launch next year. Julian caught up with Anton Yudintsev of Gaijin Entertainment during Gamescom2018 to get the rundown on what makes Enlisted stand out from the rest of the pack.

  • Development news - "Roadmap" of the project
    21 August 2018

    We would like to present to you an updated Roadmap, where we will tell you about the goals we reached from the first version of the Enlisted Roadmap (posted on 17 June 2017), as well as talk about our plans, in detail, for every section.

  • Campaign “Battle for Moscow”
    22 June 2018

    On the 22nd of June at 01:00 GMT German troops and its allies attacked the USSR. Parts of the red army were attacked by German troops throughout the border..

  • New MMO shooter By The Developers of Enlisted — Cuisine Royale
    15 June 2018

    Experience, cunning and a ladle - these are the tools you should use to gain victory in our new game Cuisine Royale! And you should be the first to test it! 

  • Enlisted: a new test!
    1 June 2018

    We continue to develop Enlisted and we are ready to tell you about our progress and at the same time, would like to invite you to test them yourself.

  • Enlisted: a new battle!
    20 April 2018

    We are happy to announce that current development stage of Enlisted allows us to run new playtests of the game. All the players who backed us at the crowdfunding stage will receive their access as well as some players who applied for the access on our website.

  • Weather conditions and Time of day diversity
    17 February 2018

    A variety of weather conditions and times of day will add more diversity to the battles in Enlisted.

  • Enlisted: Results of 2017!
    29 December 2017

    Happy new year! We would like to wish you all the best in the upcoming year and also tell you about the state of things in Enlisted and the job we’ve done so far in 2017. 

  • Answers from the developers
    10 November 2017

    We will provide answers to some popular questions of our future players.

  • Game locations terrain
    30 July 2017

    If you recall, we mentioned previously in our road map about the attention of developers into the details of the landscape? Today's screenshots Enlisted demonstrate current progress in this direction.

  • Roadmap Enlisted
    17 June 2017

    Dear players, we are happy to announce that we have already completed development of many core gameplay mechanics and continue to add new features, technologies and content into the game. These include common features like character skills and visual effects, as well as some technical tasks, which are not so well known, while still a significant part of the development process.

  • Xenos vs Marines: New Futuristic Action (update)
    1 April 2017

    Tactical Space FPS will take players to foreign worlds in breathtaking realism.

  • Enlisted: Squads
    17 February 2017

    Every player will receive their own squad under their command to lead, saturating the battlefield with participants.

  • Voting results and new goals
    18 January 2017

    We are summarizing the results of the survey about the future of “Enlisted”. Thanks for sharing your opinion and your support of the project!

  • $250 000 mark: GAINED!
    23 December 2016

    We’re pleased to announce that Enlisted has gathered the required sum to launch development for the Tunisian Campaign! We thank you, our soon-to-be-players!

  • The first achievement
    15 December 2016

    The initial results of crowdfunding aimed at the Tunisian Campaign creation, participation in “open development”, new survey on our website.

  • Enlisted - a squad-based MMO shooter - has been announced!
    12 December 2016

    The official website for Enlisted project has been launched - Enlisted will offer not only unique gameplay but a brand new approach to game development!

  • The Tunisian Campaign
    12 December 2016

    Denial to the Allies of the Mediterranean will guarantee the endless resources of Africa for the Axis forces. The Legendary “Desert Fox” - General Rommel - must capture and hold control over the region.

  • The Battle of Moscow
    12 December 2016

    Capturing Moscow was the primary goal of the “Blitzkrieg” on the Eastern Front. The campaign contains several battle sites typical for the defense of Moscow in November, 1941.

  • The Invasion of Normandy
    12 December 2016

    This incredible landing operation has been shown in movies and games multiple times, but has rarely been portrayed as an arena for multiplayer battles and never with such incredible detail.


  • "Enlisted" - is a MMO squad based shooter featuring some of the most famous episodes from World War 2.
  • Every battle in WW2 - is actually a separate game. "Enlisted" - is not a “mixture” of different WW2 (specific front) episodes, but separate chapters within certain battles.

    Other online shooters are basically sports-like competitions with one team fighting against the other with the background set or decor of a particular historical period, but it’s not a battle, it has nothing to do with the objectives that soldiers had in real warfare. The desire to actually “walk in a real soldier’s boots”, to be victorious against the opponent - the opponent being a real person - this is what we as players seek in these games but never find. We want to not only create “arenas” for a 15x15-30X30 team fight, but create scenarios that have tactics similar to real combat missions.

    Battles involving equal teams in equal conditions are, of course, interesting as a competition. But they do not have the immersion or the thrill of real battle, where balanced forces and symmetrical objectives are unlikely.

    The other feature of "Enlisted" is detailed accuracy in every battle. You may be a defender of Moscow in the trenches dug around the city, facing advancing enemy tanks and superior forces, with an objective to hold the enemy, to stop the advancing army in its tracks with all the resources you have. Your task is not to kill every enemy soldier; imagine being a member of the landing operation with an objective of capturing a foothold and mounting defenses, making it possible for the main forces to land on the continent, or, on the contrary - defend against the landing party, or lead your troops so that they arrive in time to a strategic point. This is something one can experience in single-player games but not in online game with human opponents.

    The next important feature of "Enlisted" is an opportunity to control a military unit in specific scenarios and not a single character. First, you gather your unit and then you play with this unit until you complete your objective or until the last member of this unit of yours dies. We want to make every character and every weapon somewhat unique, similar to how it is done in some action-based tactical games.
  • Match-making on the “rating” servers will be based on the player’s rating (skill) with an opportunity to make a squad, meaning that you can invite your friends to play in the same team. Private rooms (servers) will have no rating. We plan to develop an option for the players to create their own scenarios for their private rooms, but at the moment this is not a priority task.
  • Currently we have both. But we think that first person view should be the primary option, In some cases 3rd person is more comfortable, especially for new players, but first person view provides much more immersion.
  • The game will have different scenarios. We have tested battles of 120-150 soldiers in one battle and it seems that it will be close to the maximum. Greater numbers require another approach to detalization, since it means higher system requirements - at least with this level of detail. However the exact number of actual players in one battle is not yet defined.
  • After all a game is a game, not a reconstruction, a war simulation or economy simulation. We thrive to recreate the feeling from a real battle, how we perceive it and how the people who watch the movies and read the books perceive it. In real life there are many details that are important - such as off-duty life, organizational matters and strategic decisions which do not actually affect the story of a single battle. A war lasts much longer than any battle and combines thousands of details which we do not plan to recreate. We want to create exciting and thrilling combat, to deliver a real feeling of battle, give our players a feeling of being a part of a unit that performs a military task. A computer game with all its conventionalism may provide for better balance: such as faster and more dynamic battles or concentrating on the most interesting aspects of a battle - e.g. a player playing a medic would hardly enjoy gameplay of dragging a wounded fellow soldier for 30 minutes to a field hospital.
  • Unfair play is a scourge for PC shooters. Online shooters are vulnerable to aimbot and wallhacks by their nature. There are several ways to fight against them and we plan to use them all:

    1) Basics such as moving, aiming, controls and hit detection are calculated server-side only. Thus speedhack, godmode, instakill or full recoil compensation or bullet spread modifications are impossible on the client side;

    2) Server anti-cheat system such as FairFight or similar;

    3) Client anti-cheat system such as Easy Anticheat or similar;

    4) Certain game design features also help to make a game less vulnerable to cheating - e.g. server-side visibility calculations, realistic speed of turning and aiming provide significant restrictions to cheating,

    5) Game replay and reporting system;

    6) Private rooms - where you can play only with people you trust.
  • We plan that there will be different sorts of military vehicles as a part of the scenario for different battles, since they are a very important part of real combat operations and objectives in most episodes from WW2. Player control of vehicles is one of our current development goals.
  • The game requires DirectX 11 and a 64bit system (Windows 7 or newer), we will probably add support for Vulkan later on. Graphical card minimal requirement is 1GB Nvidia 660GT analog from AMD or similar. We will try to provide support for older hardware if it’s possible. Also, if the community is interested we can possibly release the game for MacOS.
  • We don’t like the approach when the game is divided into several DLC’s or episodes and is sold via Season Pass or imposing further additions which is popular at the moment. Every player should decide whether he wants to play a certain game and spend his money with an understanding of what he will get.

    That’s why we have decided to make access to these battles independent of the other - each campaign will be a separate game. However a player who purchased more than one will see them all in the game as selectable chapters. Also we do not want to impose micro-transactions as an opportunity to purchase some sort of ingame advantage. A player will have an opportunity to get collectable weapons and characters that are different from the others but do not offer ingame advantage (which is strange in the first place - a bullet to the head means death for every person after all) rather providing uniqueness or rarity.
  • We ran a survey and it showed that the vast majority of players prefer a free-2-play approach. This has influenced the game development process significantly. Such a change in the distribution model also requires a change in the design. This is why it will take us some time to prepare and implement new goals, to adapt them to a new distribution model. What is left unchanged is our course towards wide scale and realism and also the open development of Enlisted.
  • We plamn to launch Early Access in 2020. Before the Early Access there will be several stages to gather opinions and feedback and to adjust the game balance: Closed Alpha test, Closed Beta test and Early Access. Alongside, we’re eager to launch the Early Access with a quality and feature set as close to the final version as possible. After Early Access launch there will be only optimization, balance and polishing work. Early Access will last for a few months.
  • "Enlisted" is being developed on the Dagor engine by a team of kindred minds - Darkflow Software. Many of us have worked for Gaijin Entertainment in many projects including War Thunder. We are well acquainted with Gaijin’s technological basis and we believe the Dagor engine to be the best for developing a full-scale warfare gaming project, which includes the vehicles of battle. Also, we’re working closely with experts from Gaijin Entertainment, our publisher. We do reckon on Gaijin Entertainment expertise to achieve the highest level of refinement and details.

    Enlisted is based on different principles of game design than War Thunder. Primarily, we are focused on a detailed and deep reconstruction of battle - not the vehicles or soldiers specifically on their own. Thus the game is much less “simulation” than War Thunder. Secondly, the game has skill-based matchmaking and a completely different meta-game, based on the collection and statistics, closer to such games as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or DOTA2.
  • We will endeavour to reach the War Thunder level of detail - and since we will need a very limited amount of controllable vehicles (compared to War Thunder) - this goal is possible to achieve. Especially since Gaijin Entertainment provides really big support for this project.
  • We would like to create an opportunity to barter weapons and characters between players. This would be something new for warfare games. If the players are interested in this - it would bring significant diversity to the game.
  • Since the game is published by Gaijin Network Ltd., it will be connected. Especially since War Thunder includes WW2 as one of it’s settings. Of course there will be a common log-in with other Gaijin projects.